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Thank you for your interest in our Agency. Gibson & Associates, Inc. has been serving the state of South Carolina for more than 30 years. Founded in 1980, we continue to pave the way for our clients to receive exceptional benefits while limiting their costs. Heath Insurance is a rising cost for many employers. Combine this fact with an increasing amount of working Americans not being able to afford the weekly paycheck deductions and it becomes apparent that there is a problem. We are constantly trying to think outside of the box to lower these costs. We believe that by skillfully arranging benefits and balancing needs with costs, we can improve health insurance for our clients overall.

Gibson & Associates realizes that not only premium, but also quality service is what most companies are looking for. As a full service brokerage, we provide enrollment, COBRA administration, claims filing and billing solutions for our accounts. Gibson & Associates recently joined an alliance of Benefit Consulting Firms, ProSential Group, that enables us to offer best-in-class HR, Compliance and Technology Consulting services.

As a large agency we have the ability to quote all of the major insurance carriers in the state and even some exclusively. We provide all of the information you will need to make a complete decision and choose the plan that is right for both you and your employees. We currently represent over 500 companies and businesses in South Carolina. Our office has 15 in house agents and approximately 15 more across the state. We have 7 employees in the office as support staff and ask that you allow us to assist you.

We have also been very successful at obtaining special insurance programs and rates for our larger clients such as The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, the South Carolina Manufacturer’s Alliance, The South Carolina Association for Justice, and IDeACOM. These plans were designed to provide a better benefit and cost to associations that have chosen to help their members improve their benefit program.

Gibson & Associates keeps its clients current with the changing healthcare and HR environment by providing periodic legislative updates and newsletters. Our management team travels to Washington, DC on an annual basis to meet with legislators to stay up to date with the ever-changing legal aspects of healthcare. We receive daily updates on the changes.

Wellness is a major part of controlling cost in a health plan, and we recognize and address this with every client. We have tools available to you that range from no additional cost up to providing on-site health clinics for your employees. Be sure to ask us what we can do to provide this service to you.

Gibson and Associates stands ready to provide you with innovative solutions to save you time and money while increasing your capacity and reducing risk. Thank you for your consideration.